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What Vanessa says : “Photographing with Elina was amazing! Firstly, we meditated together to establish a deep connection with our pure essence. This act, followed by the photo session, was pure magic. It felt as if I was dancing with the goddesses, an empowering and incredible sensation that I recommend to every woman. I am grateful to Elina for this experience and the photos turned out beyond what I could ever imagine. They are undoubtedly the best images of myself I have ever had.”


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Are you looking for someone to capture your uniqueness, love, friendship, family, event…? Don’t look any further, this is what I am here for! The session will be 100% customized, from the time frame – to the location – to the price – to the style of the shoot. We will exchange about all of that before and I am really open to your ideas and wishes. I will take the time to truly understand your needs before the shooting. Feel free to fill in the form below or email me directly at elina.cb73@gmail.com. Thank you.

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