The Wise ~ Fanny


Revealing | Shining | Being 

It was a February day, a winter day, our hands were frozen by the cold air & our hearts warmed by the sun’s rays.

Feet in the snow, head in the mountains, Fanny slowly revealed herself, Fanny slowly dared to open up to my lens, Fanny slowly embodied what animates her from within.

Daring to be, to bare herself, to untie standards and fears, to let go of her shyness, to give space & confidence to her body, to let herself be guided by her intuition. So many steps and journeys that make these photo sessions unique and sacred.

Thank you for your trust,
Thank you for letting go,
Thank you for your strength,
Woman, entrepreneur at heart.

What Fanny says :

I did a photo shoot with Elina to promote my offer, and I really wanted to be able to find a person who listens, in a holistic approach, in order to be at ease in front of a camera.

It was a real challenge for me and I am very happy to have realized it with Elina, because her energy and her sweetness allowed me to detach myself from the lens to concentrate only on me and the message I wanted to convey through the photos. 

Thank you so much for this magical moment, which I hope will be renewed very soon.


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