The Healer ~ Marta


Raw | Trust | Strong | Gentle

Marta’s intention is to create safe and resonant spaces to guide people back to their essence and reconnect them to their power, remembering the truth & magic that lives inside each one of us, one breath at the time. 

She has been working in marketing for the past 10 year with a major shift 2 years ago when she had a life changing accident while travelling alone through Costa Rica. Ever since she has been on a journey of recovery and discovery. It brought her to exploring different modalities, that would help to deal not only with the physical pain, but also emotional and spiritual changes that she had been going through. One of them was breathwork. 
As an Alchemy of Breath certified breathwork practitioner, Marta shares the medicine of conscious connected breathwork, which opens the door to self-discovery, transformation, and self-healing of the emotional, spiritual, and physical body creating significant and long lasting change. 
Marta is in training for Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, learning to unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real message that words both express and conceal. 
Working with her feels authentic, nurturing and raw. She is your guide when you don’t want to walk alone.

What Marta says :

” I couldn’t have imagined a more magical and effortless experience than the empowering photoshoot with Elina. Working with Elina feels safe, intuitive, gentle and effortless. I was held in a beautiful container from the very moment when I shared my intention with her. I felt heard and seen and very quickly an organic energy of trust and flow evolved between us. It was an intimate experience where I was able to embody different parts of myself. We went on a journey together, a journey of healing and empowerment. I loved how the two of us flowed and how it all came together in the end. Having my pictures taken is not something that comes easily nor naturally to me, or so I thought. This session showed me there is a whole other experience to be had and it was Elina who made it possible. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter how comfortable or not you feel being in front of the camera. So much love for this experience, it will stay in my heart and also in the memories captured in all the beautiful pictures we made together.”


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