The Mother ~ Jessy


  Soft | Inspiring | Warmness

Connecting to yourself and to the little being that is growing within. 

With Jessy we spent a moment in total intimacy, in her space, her home, her temple, her body, her sacred space. It was as if we had decided to stop time around us, there was only us, the three of us, Jessy, me and this little being growing inside her.

Guided by a meditation to support Jessy to connect more deeply to her body and her feelings, lulled by music with feminine and soft notes, Jessy revealed her beauty, her nakedness, her simplicity. It was beautiful, it was pure, it was soft, it was deep. 

Surrounded by candles, immersed in the light, that rainy afternoon was an ode to life, an ode to this new life that will soon appear in its human form.

Together, we celebrated her femininity, her evolution, the new curves of her body, her unconditional happiness, of very soon becoming a mother of this little being who shone through her vibrations all afternoon.

What Jessy says :

“It was a true Blessing and precious Gift to myself, my Body and my Baby to spend an afternoon with Elina.

Thoughout the entire time i felt so held, Safe and truly honored by her presence and feminine Energy, which allowed me to let Go and melt confidently into my pregnant Body. 
Her Guidance was loving at all Times: the Meditation she offered allowed me to gebtly sink from my thoughts into my Body. It created a Connection to my Baby and we could flow from there with so much ease.
Her ideas for the Setup in my Home and during the Shooting were always on Point. 
Finishing that day with a gentle relaxing full Body Massage was amazing. Her Touch truly holds Yin Energy, feminine aspects, ease and flow which i Had the Feeling, were all adding to having a beautiful birth Journey soon.
Thank you so, so much Elina. 
You have a Gift and i am grateful you shared it with me. 
With Love, 

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