Goddess ~ Eva


Wild | Sensual | Feminine

What Eva says :

I had the intention to express myself in a new way, show my internal growth on the outside. Elina has the ability make you feel naturally yourself in front of the camera. We connected before the session via a zoom call, and it was so heart-warming. Elina showed me a side I have never seen before, and I am very proud to show myself in such a beautiful sensual and feminine format. Her view on people is different and she catches special moments, different shades, and facets of your personality. I am blown away by the results and crying excited to show the world my new identity. If you are ready to receive raw authentic pictures, Elina is master of intuitive camera shoots. Thank you beautiful one, you really touched me.


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Are you looking for someone to capture your uniqueness, love, friendship, family, event…? Don’t look any further, this is what I am here for! The session will be 100% customized, from the time frame – to the location – to the price – to the style of the shoot. We will exchange about all of that before and I am really open to your ideas and wishes. I will take the time to truly understand your needs before the shooting. Feel free to fill in the form below or email me directly at elina.cb73@gmail.com. Thank you.

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