The Shaman ~ Dina


Pure | Connected | Soft

I invited Dina on a day of immersion within her self, in nature to connect deeper with her heart, embody her feminine power and express her softness and medicine to the world. We had a magical day as you can see through her testimonial & the empowering photos that came out of this day.

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What Dina says :

” I felt very honored and happy to put myself in Elina´s hands. What a day. Elina has this power of taking you on a journey within through different practices with such a calm, peacefull and clear energy. I was amazed by her capacity to tune in and speak words that goes straight to the heart. Her very gentle, soft and feminine energy create a safe and sacred bubble. We started with a meditation in the forest, followed by a photoshoot and closed with such a good body massage. Her intention to hold a space for me to reveal myself far from all the inner critical dialogue was so tangible and precious, especially during the photoshoot that was not so easy for me at the beginning. It was a first for me in front of the camera in this context, and what a blessing to feel that I could let go and trust her and her delicate guidance. Thank you Elina for seing me the way you do, for your words, your golden hands, your impressive maturity and wisdom. This day with you was a gift”


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