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 Ben is a retreat facilitator, author, course creator and long-term digital nomad at Selina.

After burning out at a young age, he changed direction, immersing himself in the worlds of Buddhism, martial arts and movement meditation, spending hundreds of days on retreats and thousands of hours in practice. He did so while working in the heart of the corporate world, at Goldman Sachs. Using his method, he was able to vastly reduce his working hours and learn never to be ‘too busy’ to do what brings him alive.

It is his passion to help people simplify their lives to make space for what brings them alive.

Are you ready for a life changing experience ? Check out what this quiet unique soul has to offer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1_BIfpcsGc

What Ben says:

” You don’t work with people like Elina every day. She is very special: one of the most intuitive, flowing, soulful people I have ever met. I’ve worked with many photographers and Elina has been by far the best. She captures my soul like nobody else and the way she blends movement and massage into her work makes gives her a very special, unique package.”


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Are you looking for someone to capture your uniqueness, love, friendship, family, event…? Don’t look any further, this is what I am here for! The session will be 100% customized, from the time frame – to the location – to the price – to the style of the shoot. We will exchange about all of that before and I am really open to your ideas and wishes. I will take the time to truly understand your needs before the shooting. Feel free to fill in the form below or email me directly at elina.cb73@gmail.com. Thank you.

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