My empowering offers

Honor your power & express your sacred femininity 

Empowering Photography Session


Are you a women, a coach, a yoga teacher, a dancer, a singer, a musician, a holistic practitioner, facilitator … ?

I invite you to a journey of connection to your heart and sacred feminine-masculine energies where I support you with my tools to stand in your power and express your inner beauty, authentic self and messages to the world.

What is included :

  • A zoom call before to connect, understand the purpose, values and messages of your holibusiness, choose a date and location, clothing and accessories guidance.
  • The empowering photography day including practices & rituals to help you connect with your heart, ground, and raise (around 3 hours).
  • 30-50 HD pictures + possibility to get some videos shots for social media.

Highly recommended to holistic entrepreneur who looks to align their communication with their true self & values.

A one day gift for your mind, body & soul

Ground, balance, embody & raise


A day immerse in nature where I hold a one to one space for women to dive into a journey of deep connection with their bodies and so themselves. Based on your energy levels & needs, this day is nourished by a grounding & relaxing holistic massage ~ talks & self enquiry excercies around the feminine cycle to connect with your moon cycle and its four phases ~ vegetarian lunch ~ be one with nature time ~ meditation ~ flow movement ~ empowering photography.

Powerful and transformative work around your relation to yourself. This day is dedicated to honor your body, your sacred feminity and your inner beauty. My intention is to hold a space for you to feel one with yourself & mother earth, awake your consciousness and power : you are worthy, beautiful, radiant, unconditionnal, limitless, you are the designer of your life and it starts from believing in your potential.


Get In Touch

Does my work resonate with you ? Do you feel the call to gift yourself a unique healing experience ? I´ll be delighted to connect with you and see how we can co create together.

The experiences can happen in the lushing nature of Monchique but I can also travel to your nature in the Algarve region (Aljezur, Portimao, Lagos, Sagres areas). I have also some dates available in France (Rhone-Alpes region).

I am looking forward to connect with you, 


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